Handbag Staples for Every Woman!

Louis Vuitton Handbags India


While it’s true that handbags serve a utilitarian purpose in life, bags are so much more than a spot to stuff your belongings. Seen as a product of art and creativity, designer bags have been credited with bold statements from known faces in the fashion industry.

Harbingers of innovation and quality, designers like Coco Chanel, Fendi, Prada have inspired designs all over the world among brands big and small. Today, the fashion scene is brimming with all kinds of bags, and each type serves a different purpose. While fast fashion may seem as an attractive prospect owing to the cheap cost, you are sure to regret that purchase when your bag shows definite signs of wear after only a couple of months.

The Indian E- commerce scenario has opened its doors to designer merchandise like never before, bags being the area of focus amongst consumers. Good deals and attractive pricing have made owning luxury bags much easier than before. If you are new to the world of luxe bags; here are a few categories to browse through:

The Polished Office Tote: A well-structured -work appropriate bag is a must for any working- woman, for it works as a roomy machine that helps you keep things organized. If you like your classics, stick to neutral tones, pastels or solid colours. You can also go for the Never-Full tote – a Louis Vuitton handbag. India is home to stellar websites like luxury Station, with authentic designer bags at excellent prices.


The Statement Clutch: Whether a little black dress or a pair of distressed jeans, a clutch completes your otherwise mundane outfit.  A pretty clutch or something quirky and bold from designers like Alexander McQueen can create a serious statement!

   Alexander Mcqueen clutch

The Casual Cross Body: Perfect for a day out or a casual evening, cross body bags are multi-purpose and ever so chic. Pick a classic one from designer brands like Michael Kors, these bags go with a skater dress, a pair of shorts or even your sweatshirt! They have just enough space to fit in a lipstick, your cash and your phone, so taking them to work isn’t advisable.

Michael Kors Cross Body

When buying designer bags, always make sure you get your money’s worth. Only purchase merchandise from vendors that are known for selling authentic products.  You can also buy pre-loved luxury bags; for some sites in India do a wonderful job of sprucing up previously owned bags to make them look as good as new!


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